Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

We never charge upfront fees or share your data.

1. This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and us. Before you sign it and return it to us, please read it carefully.

2. The agreement is between Civil Claim Services Limited and you the client

3. This agreement relates to all the work we are to carry out in connection with pursuing a claim against a Financial Institution in relation to the alleged mis-selling of a financial product, banking charges or any funds recovered due to any type of financial dispute resolution.

4. For any fees recovered for you we will charge you 24% of any successful refund. For example for every £100 you receive we will invoice you for £24 or 24% of any successful claim (24% is our standard rate though your % charged may vary dependant upon case type)

5. Vat will be chargeable at a rate set by HMRC this will always be included in the % fee and not be added to it.

6. So long as we are informed before beginning the claims process that your previous finance was not settled in full we may not charge you for any monies gained used to pay off outstanding arrears. Should you fail to inform us that your previous finance was not settled due to the unique way in which compensation can be awarded, consisting in certain circumstances not only of a cash lump sum but also a reduction in your overdraft may be awarded to you. For example if your total claim is £3000 and have arrears/overdraft or a remaining balance of £1000 the total paid to you may be £2000 however your arrears/overdraft will be cleared. If these circumstances arise we would invoice you for the total claim including any reduction in arrears or remaining balance. Should your bank use the settlement to clear arrears a 10% fee may be applicable should the payment be settled within a seven day time period otherwise a payment plan may be set up with our external collections team to set up a payment plan subject to section 12.

7. We set out below the other things that you will have to pay for, and an estimate of cost.

8. Should a claim have already been made for, you have been made bankrupt, entered into an IVA without informing us before starting the claim process a £120 fee will be applicable per case to cover our cost this fee will be subject to VAT at rate set by HMRC.

9. Should we need to recover proof of PPI for you in order to begin your claim a £12 fee will be added to any successful claim invoice this fee will be subject to VAT at rate set by HMRC. Should your claim be unsuccessful we will not invoice you for this amount.

10. If we lose and/or do not recover an award from the Financial Institution, FCA, FSCS or Ombudsman on your behalf we will not charge you for our work (subject to clauses 9, 14, 15 and 18b).

11. You have a fourteen day cooling off period with which if you would wish to cancel this agreement you may do so with no penalty. If you wish to cancel either write to us or emailinfo@civilclaimservices.co.uk giving clear instruction of wishing to terminate this agreement with fourteen days of your signing this agreement.

12. Should you not make settlement of an invoice or set up a payment plan (only applicable if an outstanding debt has been cleared) within 14 days of funds being received in your account without providing written verifiable proof of extreme personal circumstances your case will be passed to an external collections agency and an extra 20% will be added to the invoice value. All other claims will be cancelled and fees applicable subject to paragraph 14 after 30 days. This 20% fee will be subject to VAT at rate set by HMRC.

13. Only if you fail to settle an invoice with 30 days after you recieve payment for your succesful claim we will then charge you for the completed or incomplete work for all other claims at £120 per hour for work completed.

14. We can end the agreement if you do not keep to your responsibilities in condition (b) below. You are then liable to pay our charges incurred as set out in paragraph 13.

15. We can end the agreement if we believe that you are unlikely to succeed in your claim for refund of premiums whether or not you agree with us. In this situation you do not have to pay us anything. You cannot stop the claims process outside of your 14 day cooling off period and should you do so either with us or by directly contacting your bank you will be liable to fees as per paragraph 13.

16. If an offer is made to you that fits into the Financial Ombudsman Service & Financial Conduct Authority guidelines then you are then liable to pay us our charges incurred up to the date of the agreement ending as set out in paragraph 4.

17. We will begin the work when you notify us of your acceptance of our terms by signing this agreement and returning it to us.

18. Should a settlement be of an amount less than £100 we will not invoice and there will be no charge for our service subject to paragraph 8, 9 and 12.

19. (a) Our responsibilities

We must always act in your best interests in pursuing your claim for damages and obtaining for you a reasonable result subject to our duties as a regulated claims management company; we must give you our best advice about whether to accept any offer of settlement.

(b) Your responsibilities

You must give us clear instructions which allow us to do our work properly; you must not ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way; you must not deliberately mislead us; you must co-operate with us when asked to do so.