PPI Form


All data supplied below is highly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. No bank paperwork required to claim as our 22 year history check will search for all PPI paid.

First line of address - second line of address - Town -

Please note our Standard fee is 25% including vat so for every £1000 reclaimed you will get £750 and we will be due £250

Should you have had arrears in previous borrowing your fee will be 36% including VAT on money paid to you only but any refunds paid to creditors you will not be charged for.

There is a £120 fee for each case we run that has already been paid out so make us aware if you have had a pay-out previously.

Claims take approximately 8 weeks with original bank paperwork and 12 weeks without, though time-scales may vary dependent upon the lender.