About us

Reclaimmyfees is a trading name of Civil Claim Services Ltd and are a team of partners who have a number of year’s experience in providing expert help with financial claims.

Civil Claim Services was formed by senior banking complaint handlers who recognised an urgent need for a competent claims company to combat bank PPI complaint handling buffoonery, corruption and incompetence whilst also recognising major flaws in the free advice available online via moneysavingexpert etc.

If you have the skills to do any of the below yourself go for it but if not to get the ball rolling without the need for a phone call CLICK HERE or for more information call 08008620605 for a friendly chat with our personal claim handlers.

What we do that is different?

1. Search back to the mid-nineties with or without your PPI paperwork! We use a clause in the data protection act 1998 and have the skill set to decipher the information provided by the banks in order to identify PPI (which is rarely called payment protection insurance) finding your old agreements which date back to the early 90’s so no paperwork needed. Also PPI was widely banned in 2008 so checking your credit file is a waste of time and anyone who advises you to do so we would have misgivings about listening to.

2. We do not send template letters all legal arguments are based on your personal circumstances & on the ICOB (insurance code of business principles) unlike the templates available online and that many other claims companies use as they are deeply flawed.

3. A standard rate of 20% inclusive of vat which is way below many of our competitors but most importantly we have great reviews Civil Claim Services LTD

4. Any declined claims will be appealed to the relevant teams within the banks before sending to the financial Ombudsman who currently have a 5 year back log for PPI though we do try to get our clients cases pushed forward when possible.

5. Reclaim even if you did not pay back your credit agreement in full due to arrears, IVA, bankruptcy etc on a no win no fee basis (see full terms but basically you must tell us if you did not complete credit agreement before we start).











6. Handling multiple claims can be time consuming and if you do not have the time or inclination but do not want to miss out then use us.

7. If you have used other methods to check for PPI and been told no we are happy to check again for you.

8. If you want to try and do your claims yourself then please do but we are here for those who do not have the time or possibly confidence to enter the claim process.

9. We have complex spreadsheets to verify refunds are correct and have a proven history of appealing cases in order to get increased refunds (no way of verifying refunds on free advice sites).

10. Our fees are clearly explained and unlike many will not use to your data to sell other products which we make a commission on.

11. Should you wish to use us you will be allocated your own personal claim handler so no being passed from pillar to post during the process.

12. Many ‘free’ PPI advice websites have commercial agreements with the banks worth millions of £££’s therefore representing a potential conflict of interest being the banks are responsible for this whole scandal.